Lange replica 1815 calendar replica watches uk

1815, for Lange is a special significance of the figures, this year, Lange replica founder Adolfo Lange was born in the capital of Saxony, Germany Dresden, to commemorate this day, Lange launched the special 1815 series. There is no doubt that the 1815 series represents Lange’s most pure watchmaking, and also conveys the spirit and philosophy of Lange’s traditional watchmaking. All 1815 series of watches, are used to indicate the moon in addition to the moon outside the time information, all equipped with a symbol of classical aesthetics of the track minutes. 2017 SIHH, Lange in such a full range of traditional German watch aesthetics series, the introduction of a new watch – 1815 series calendar watch, this watch to like the 1815 series watch Lange table Fans bring a new choice, it is in the complex and basic models set up a bridge between.

This year’s Lange 1815 series calendar watch, welcomed by the industry, on the one hand because it is Lange fake watches second calendar watch, on the other hand it is very attractive in the price. Prior to this, Lange only Saxon series calendar watch, it at 12 o’clock position with a large calendar window, a combination of 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock week calendar instructions full calendar, it is clear that the calendar function may not be too complicated , But after holding a big calendar, Lange Saxon series calendar watch will undoubtedly become a complex watch, among the ranks into the high-end products. The 1815 series calendar comes back to the design of the series, without the use of large calendar windows, but the calendar is integrated into the 9-point month indicator area, in a sense, it achieved the same function and reduced complexity degree.

The special significance of the calendar

Lange 1815 series calendar watch 18K rose gold section

The charm of the pointer
The calendar has always been controversial, it is essentially the meaning that can automatically identify the number of days the number of days, only in the March 1 manual adjustment can be, under normal circumstances, the calendar can display the week, date and month. Compared to the general calendar, the calendar can save a lot of trouble, while not too complicated structure. Like people think that the calendar is a very practical way to improve the practicality of the calendar, and do not need to pay the perpetual calendar of such a high level of high cost of complex cheap replica watches.

Aesthetic design
Some people think that many of the functions of the calendar is in fact redundant, because in today’s society, as long as there is a week calendar can be, even if the beginning of the month to adjust, it does not matter, but the price, the calendar will be more than ordinary The calendar table is above the length. On the practicality it is not much higher than the ordinary calendar table, and the pursuit of complex technology, as one step in place.

Brown crocodile leather strap

Needle clasp
Therefore, in fact, throughout the replica watches uk category, the calendar is relatively small, in any one brand, the calendar are rarely to become the main section, and for Lange, the calendar watch today, also There are only two models. But there is no doubt that this calendar is a watch watch this year, because it is first beautiful, followed by a very balanced, and finally very sincere.

Function set and design based on convenient and practical

Balanced layout
Where is the beauty Lange watch has always followed a rigorous watchmaking aesthetics, with perfect geometric proportions to form a never-ending visual appreciation. Lange 1815 series calendar fake watches uk to follow the principle of central symmetry, three sub-plate to 3/6/9 position arrangement. At the same time in order to facilitate the classification of information to identify, hour hand, minute hand selected blue pointer instructions, week, date, month and small second hand is golden pointer, this easy to identify the main design, which Lange’s delicate place.
The same delicate moon phase disk, solid gold moon disc surface after laser etching, showing a dazzling array of stars, even in the micro-case, still can clearly identify the above stars. The moon phase is one of the complex functions of Lange’s love, and by the rate control of the gears, the Lange moon phase distinguishes the accuracy of the traditional moon phase, which can achieve only one-day error of 122.6 years.

Synchronize push button

Hidden adjustment button
Practical and rigorous is Lange bright label, Lange 1815 series calendar calendar practicality, not only reflected in the presentation of time, but also in the time of calibration. The replica watches has four separate hidden adjustment buttons, as well as a square sync button, the hidden adjustment button through the standard tune can be achieved moon phase, date and month of independent calibration, and square sync button to A few days without wearing the case, quickly corrected to the current time.

Representative Lange movement

Gorgeous movement

Superb movement modification
Of course, all this is based on the internal carrying the Lange self-made L051.3 manual winding mechanical movement. Lange is a well-deserved master of technology, L051.3 movement has three screws fixed gold sleeve, highlighting the German high-level watch the aesthetic characteristics and quality concept, untreated 3/4 German silver splint present The original color of the material, and Glasupi stripes embellishment, bringing a unique watch the unique beauty.

Handmade carved wheel plywood and gooseneck fine-tuning
Escape wheel clamps through the top polishing process – black polished polished, bringing unparalleled visual impact. Balance wheel plywood is Lange sculptor master hand carving, unique texture to become Lange replica watches iconic movement decorative art. Balance ring hair is Lange homemade, which in the senior watch industry symbolizes the Lange as a real strength of the watchmaking company.

Summary: Lange’s beauty is purely mechanical imitation of the elegant charm, rather than the fancy decoration of the stack, in the Lange who can see to accurately reflect the time as the premise of the mechanical cheap fake watches mission sense of mission.